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Home / News / TRAVEL to CANADA by BOAT
Home / News / TRAVEL to CANADA by BOAT


Published 9:00pm on 30 Jun 2022

Here is a concise summary of Charlie Todd's latest trip to Canada.

We made a test run to Belle River on Sunday, June 26 --It was a piece of cake!

1. You need proof of Covid vaccination status and travel document: passport OR enhanced driver's license OR NEXUS. Having NEXUS does not provide any apparent advantage.

2. Do the ArriveCan app within 72 hours prior to your arrival in Canada. It's easy. There you can upload copies of your proof of Covid vaccination status and travel document. You will also indicate your port of arrival and time as well as quarantine plan (which is to stay on the boat). You will get a submission code at the end -- keep it. Note that you are able to input all your info in advance and the app will save it until you tell it to submit it.

3. After your arrival in Canada (and before leaving the boat) call the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) (888-226-7277 to check in. Have your ArriveCan code and travel documents in hand. You may still call prior to arrival with NEXUS but it's a waste of time on hold because you will still have to call when you arrive. Hold time was over half an hour on Sunday; just a few minutes on weekdays. You may be cleared immediately, or (as we were) told to wait until officers arrived. The officers were right there on the dock when we pulled in. I don't know if the call would have been necessary if we had hailed the officers first.

4. Upon your return to the USA use the CBPRoam app after arrival while still aboard. Download it and provide relevant info before you go. (Our NEXUS/Trusted Traveler numbers are saved in there as well as vessel ID. However, any travel document listed above will work.) We submitted arrival info in the app and were cleared by message within a few minutes. They also may ask you to hold a video chat or wait for the arrival of agents.

Call me with any questions. Charlie Todd

This is the previous summary of the latest requirements for CANADIAN BORDER SERVICES ASSOCIATION (CBSA) for US boaters. The most important aspect of the requirements is to use ArriveCAN which is available online. Plus the requirement that everyone on board to be fully vaccinated. And the only reporting site so far is at Lakeview Marina--just east of WYC. Further explanation it is available in the media room of CBSA @





Travel to Canada is prohibited for foreign nationals who do not qualify as fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated foreign nationals who land on Canadian soil, anchor, moor, or come alongside another boat, or disembark any people or goods in Canadian waters:

  • must submit their mandatory information in ArriveCAN before, or when entering Canada at a marine port of entry (the only current port is Lakeview Marina opposite Peche Island).
  • must report to the cbsa. -are subject to all current obligations of Covid 19 health requirements
  • those boaters who enter Canadian waters without landing, anchoring, mooring, or coming alongside another vessel are not required to report to CBSA

Failure to report to CBSA, even to refuel, may result in detention, seizure or forfeiture of your boat and/or monetary penalties. The minimum fine for failing to report to CBSA is $1000.

ArriveCAN is available for download on Google Play or in the App store.

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